What is SEO service? Things to know before doing

In today's ever-evolving technology era, SEO services are the hot keywords that many people search for on social networks. Website SEO services have made many businesses increase their revenue and be known by users because their websites are optimized and increase keyword rankings quickly.

So what is SEO service that brings such beneficial effects? Let's learn about reputable SEO services with SEOVietnam as well as what you need to know about it!

1. What is SEO services Vietnam?

Before learning what SEO services are, you need to know what SEO is. SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is search engine optimization and is a website optimization solution that helps increase rankings on these search engines.

SEO service is a service provided by an SEO company or SEO specialist with the purpose of optimizing your website on search engines, improving online brand presence, increasing website traffic and revenue. .

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2. Great benefits that SEO services will bring to businesses

SEO services bring a lot of benefits to businesses. Specifically, in this section, SEOVietnam will mention 4 benefits of SEO services to your business project.

2.1. Increase brand awareness

If your website is SEO optimized with attractive content, search engines and internet users will appreciate it. From there, your website will be able to be on the first search results pages when users search for related keywords.

However, you need to know that designing an SEO-standard website is not an easy thing and not just doing it once is enough. You need to constantly update because your competitors are also constantly improving their website rankings.

Besides attractive content, the table of contents in WordPress will help readers easily understand the overall content of an article. So do you know How to create a table of contents in WordPress?

2.2. Get quality traffic

If your website can meet the information and products that Internet users need, they will stay on your website longer and the visits will increase over time. Besides, the attractive content will help them be interested and refer to other pages on your website. They may even become potential customers of your business.

2.3. Improve ROI

The better the website is optimized for SEO, the more revenue the website generates. The better your website is optimized, the higher the ROI. What is ROI? ROI (Return on investment) is the rate of return received compared to the budget that you initially invested. You can calculate using the following formula: (revenue – cost)/cost.

2.4. Cost savings

Compared to SEM, SEO services have lower investment costs but are more effective and in the long run. For example, PPC or SEO, you will have to pay 1 Dollar for a click on the website, if the website has 200 clicks/day, you need to spend 6000 Dollars/month (about 140 million VND).

If those clicks are from customers, then the ROI will be high. However, if the majority of clicks are from competitors, the cost is quite expensive. Therefore, besides using SEM, you also need to prioritize SEO optimization to reach more potential customers.

3. Why does your business need to perform Website SEO services?

Today, the Internet is a great tool to help customers quickly access your products or services. Therefore, you need to perform overall SEO services for your website to appear on the first search page of users. From there, users will trust clicks, high visits and high ROI.

Important SEO factors

4. Types of SEO services on the market today

Currently, there are many types of SEO services from many providers. The most popular can be mentioned are the following 4 basic types of SEO services:

4.1. SEO Audit Service

An SEO service provider will make an SEO strategy based on the results of analyzing the business situation on the Internet of the enterprise, content and quality of products/services. SEO strategy is a method or methods to increase the searchability of customers and website rankings on the search page. From there, the SEO company will advise on specific plans and strategies to achieve the set goals of the business.

4.2. Keyword SEO Services

Keyword SEO service is a service that helps organizations / businesses' keyword SEO be pushed to the top of the search pages. The company that receives SEO keywords will support SEO in the Top 1, 3, 5, 10.

4.3. Overall Website SEO Services

Overall Website SEO service is a strategy to help maintain rankings and competitiveness compared to competitors. The overall SEO service works with the "TOP coverage" model with keywords that compete with niche keywords on Google. From there, businesses can increase traffic and increase the reliability of the website day by day.

4.4. SEO traffic service

SEO traffic service is quite new, but it offers the ability to build and maintain a high brand. SEO traffic does not focus on the top rankings, but it mainly attracts Internet users to visit the website thanks to Organic Search searches.

5. Website SEO services and things businesses need to know before implementing the project

SEO Web services play an extremely important role in increasing your website's Google rankings. To be able to use a reputable and effective professional SEO service, you need to know the following 3 basic contents: Quality visitors, traffic volume and natural search results.

5.1. Quality Access

Traffic, also known as visits, is an important factor for the success of SEO Website services. Quality visits are visits from potential customers and interested in the products/services that the website offers. They will be the ones to actively find the product or service information they need on Google.

5.2. The number of accesses

Once the website has got quality traffic from potential customers, the next stage is to optimize the traffic. The number of visitors, also known as the number of users to the website, will be proportional to the website revenue. Therefore, SEO Web service is one of the Digital Marketing strategies, helping to increase revenue quickly.

5.3. Natural search results

In search results, there are 2 types of results: SEM (advertising results with the symbol: AD or QC at the top of search results) and SEO (natural search results). SEO's organic search results are the amount of organic traffic from users that you don't have to pay to entice them to your website.

6. What are the steps of a quality SEO service?

To perform reputable and quality SEO services, we need to perform the following 6 steps:

Step 1: Search for keywords that match user trends and competitor analysis.

Step 2: Check and analyze website activity.

Step 3: Optimize Onpage website, declare website on Google, Bing, download and install Google Analytics, etc.

Step 4: Build quality, fresh and attractive content and images.

Step 5: Backlink on satellite pages, MXH, Blog, forum, etc. to increase credibility and Google bot can know your website.

Step 6: Check and evaluate the process of implementing SEO services.

7. Conclusion

Above is the information about what SEO services are and what you need to know before implementing effective SEO services that SEO VietNam has provided to you. Currently, there are many SEO service providers on the market, so choosing a reputable SEO company that provides professional SEO services is not easy. Therefore, you can refer to the Top 10 reputable SEO companies trusted by many large businesses to choose a quality supplier for yourself!

If you have a need to find quality professional SEO services, you can fill out the information below to receive accurate advice on the right SEO service for your website!

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