How to choose a professional and reputable SEO service?

Today, a series of website SEO services are born to help businesses' Digital Marketing activities become more effective. Learning some criteria to choose for yourself a professional and reputable SEO service is essential.

Let's find out the criteria of an SEO company that businesses can choose.

Benefits of choosing professional SEO services

SEO services will focus on helping you develop the commercial segment, boosting the image of your business in the eyes of customers. So a professional company will help you build effective strategies that bring real results. Virtual companies are only intended to profit from you but not effective.

1. Attract customers

In order to retain a large number of customers, the website must be optimized, showing all the factors related to the business. Design the most user-friendly, eye-catching and convenient website to increase the level of experience for users.

The website is like the face of the business, looking at it, customers see the working attitude of the business. Therefore, SEO helps a lot in increasing the trust level of customers with the business.

2. Map out the business path

Businesses will have many problems when orienting marketing strategies and activities to attract customers without SEO. SEO services create more potential opportunities for businesses by increasing the searchability in the browser of your website.

Creating an image for the business on the website and increasing awareness on the forums helps businesses reach more customers. The name of the business becomes popular, known by many people and deepened to be able to make a decision to use.

SEO helps your website appear in the top of search, increase the number of web visitors. Make your site more mobile-friendly than before.

SEO services create a bridge between businesses and customers, help increase sales and establish close relationships with customers. From there, it also creates more competitiveness compared to other competitors, increasing market share in the market.

Criteria for choosing professional SEO services

Based on what, what criteria will businesses choose SEO services to support their work.

1. The working process of SEO

Doing anything must have a certain and clear order to be effective for the job. SEO itself is the same, when businesses choosing SEO services need to learn about their working practices, there must be a process that is shown in a specific and transparent way.

Looking at the company's workflow can also see the ability and level of that SEO service. A smart SEO process will help save costs, time and increase the success rate of the plan.

If an SEO service does not show a plan and outline the process of implementing their strategy clearly, it is not a place to be trusted. They only give general plans without clarifying the issues. Therefore, businesses should avoid such companies to avoid risk.

2. Target SEO

This is a very important issue and should be done first when you want to build a marketing strategy for your business. Enterprises need to clearly define the purpose of the work, what the business wants to achieve after implementing the strategy.

After clearly defining the business goals, you need to choose the SEO service that provides the services that best suit your desires. Clarifying the issues that the SEO service will definitely perform helps the business fulfill the set targets.

Businesses provide sufficient information as well as website development intentions for SEO services so that they can establish effective plans for businesses. SEO will help businesses recalibrate and develop comprehensively to create the best conditions to reach the target market.

3. Technology applied to SEO

After grasping the plan that SEO services will build for businesses to develop effective marketing strategies. The next thing that businesses need to pay attention to is the applied SEO technique.

Depending on the needs of the business requires different levels that apply the appropriate technique. Therefore, to learn more about this issue, businesses should have direct discussions with SEO services to choose techniques to use in SEO.

4. Cost transparency

When operating at any stage, cost is also one of the factors to consider. For the purposes set out and the requirements of the business, the cost to be spent is reasonable.

Before making agreements with SEO services you should also consult the prices for the services they provide. Expenses must be reasonable with the budget that the business has, with the level of the strategy.

If two companies provide the same SEO service but with two different prices, the business will prioritize choosing the cheaper price. However, businesses need to pay attention to whether the quality of SEO they provide is satisfactory or not.

5. Evaluate their results

Besides, recognizing and evaluating the results that they have achieved when cooperating with other units will also help businesses better see SEO services. Past success is also a strong point as they have a lot of experience and show a high level of expertise.

In addition, businesses can also rely on feedback from customers who have used their services, combined with SEO results achieved to make a choice. Businesses can evaluate whether this SEO service is really suitable for their strategy and working style.

Professional overall website SEO service, 100% cost refund commitment

SEO services help businesses' websites Rank top Google, improved brand awareness, sustainable revenue growth, and less expensive and especially long-term effectiveness.

Smart SEO helps you build a sustainable overall SEO strategy and a great website. Fast growth, strong coverage with overall professional SEO services, quality reputation number 1 in the market.

We provide quality SEO Services including SEO methods in the SEO Pilot solution to help improve keyword rankings, website reputation on search engines…

Depending on each specific project to evaluate the difficulty of keywords, market competition and customer requirements, we have different specific SEO campaigns to optimize efficiency in the shortest time.

Classification of SEO: There are 2 types of SEO Onpage and SEO Offpage.

What is On-Page SEO?

Is a collection of jobs directly related to SEO such as: optimizing website source code, article content, titles, necessary tags on the website, images, internal links ...

What is Off-page SEO?

As support for SEO strategy such as: building a quality link system (Link building), the Social Entity system identifies the website to increase brand popularity on the internet environment.

How does SEO service benefit businesses?

When businesses choose a reputable and professional SEO service, you will enjoy a number of SEO benefits as follows:

The most popular type of SEO service in the market today

On the market today, there are many SEO service providers that introduce SEO packages such as: SEO Audit, SEO Entity… Smart SEO introduces to customers the following 5 quality SEO service packages:

1. Overall SEO Services

With the overall SEO service of the customer's website, we will take care of it from A to Z from onpage to offpage. Help customers' website to grow in the number of main keywords, secondary keywords related to customers' products and services. Grow organic traffic, increase ROI conversion rate through thousands of keywords ranked Top Google.

2. Keyword SEO Services

Keyword SEO service is an SEO service based on an existing keyword list that is requested or agreed by both parties. With keyword SEO services, we only focus on improving SEO keyword rankings. Perform tasks such as: Identify landing pages that need SEO, plan content for buidlink keywords for a list of keywords to do.

3. SEO Audit Service

SEO Audit service is actually an SEO audit: giving priority to the website, consolidating all off-page activities, ensuring technical factors before deploying the Offpage campaign, detailed reports on issues affecting the website. access, index, ranking… Analysis – measure the strength and control the cause of the website's performance hindrance.

4. SEO Traffic Service

SEO traffic services help businesses strengthen the internal resources of young websites and help expand the target audience through creating valuable content for customers to help customers access content, from that directly or indirectly generates conversions for the business.

5. Google Maps SEO Services

Google Maps SEO service, also known as Local SEO, is a form of SEO that helps bring your company (business) location to the Top 1 of Google Maps.
With this Google Maps SEO service, customers who search for keywords related to your products and services on Google Search or Google Maps will appear your business.

Website SEO service

What factors affect SEO costs? How to calculate SEO costs for businesses.

With the results that SEO brings, it is undeniable that web SEO is now a great choice for businesses. However, the cost of SEO is always something that everyone wonders about it, this is a customizable number and depends on a lot of different factors.

So what factors will affect the cost of SEO? Here we will analyze the factors that have the biggest influence on the price of a business' SEO campaign.

The situation of the website needs SEO

When it comes to factors that affect SEO costs, the first and most important is the website. How big is a website, how is its quality, has it been standardized or is it just average? These are quite important issues. The better the website in terms of quality, designed to the highest standards, the lower SEO costs will be.
Website size

In the simplest terms, the larger the website size, the higher the SEO costs will be. Why?

– The bigger the website, the more things to optimize, the more work to do and edit.

The larger the website, the more content it requires.

- Large website size, keywords need more SEO.

But the great thing is that your website is large, but optimally designed and already owns unique unique content, closely related to the field in which your business operates, then SEO costs will be reduced. Go. Not only is the cost, but the time it takes to get your website and keywords on your website to the TOP is faster.

So we can say that, if you invest carefully and in the right direction at the website design stage, creating an optimal quality website in terms of technical structure, you will reduce the cost of SEO later. This. And vice versa, if it is sketchy and over-the-top when designing, then you have to spend a large amount of money to optimize your website before you can conduct SEO.

Number of websites that need SEO

Usually when conducting SEO, one can choose to SEO one or several pages, but there are also overall SEO businesses. The more websites that need SEO optimization, the higher the SEO costs will be.

Therefore, businesses need to know which websites they should choose to optimize and bring the highest business efficiency. If the budget is large, you can completely SEO overall for your entire website. However, if your business is struggling or just starting out, you can choose the key websites of your website for SEO first.

It is not easy for us to choose for ourselves a website that needs SEO first, in the absence of overall SEO. Because it also depends on many different factors such as difficulty, relevance in content ...

If you are unable to do this yourself or feel confused when choosing the right websites for SEO, we can advise and support you through this stage.

1. Website structure

Similar to what was said in part 1 of this section, how well you own a website will determine the huge SEO costs.

A website is designed on the basis of structure optimization, obviously when conducting SEO we will reduce the cost of optimizing from the beginning. And in the case when you design a website that is too sketchy, cheap and the structure is not optimal, editing it when SEO is also quite expensive. Not to mention some cases where the website is so bad that we almost "break it again and again", designing a new website will only make SEO effective.

2. Keyword

It is certainly not possible to ignore keywords, a leading factor that determines the cost of website SEO. How to choose keywords is an important stage, not only deciding the cost of SEO, but also deciding both SEO efficiency and business performance of the business.

3. Number of keywords that need SEO

The more keywords SEO has, the higher the cost of SEO, this must be a truth that even "beginner" SEOs know well.

Businesses that are just starting SEO, or those with low advertising budgets often choose a few of the easiest keywords to SEO to save money first. After that, when the business efficiency has been improved somewhat, we can conduct SEO for more difficult and important keywords.

4. Keyword difficulty

The higher the difficulty of the keyword, the harder it is to SEO, the longer it will take to get to the TOP and then the SEO cost is not small. That is why people measure the difficulty of keywords before conducting SEO to consider the effectiveness and financial balance of the business.

Keyword difficulty will depend on a number of factors such as:

  1. Keyword Length: Usually, the shorter the keyword, the harder it is. Therefore, when conducting SEO, we should choose long-tail keywords so that SEO first will be more effective and it also partly affects the support of pushing short keywords and main keywords of the website to the TOP.
  2. Average search volume of keywords: thanks to Google's Keyword Planner tool, we can know how much a keyword has an average of monthly searches. And the more searched keywords, the more difficult it will be.
The above are just the two most basic factors for us to visually assess the difficulty of a keyword. However, to measure it, SEOs need to have other methodical calculation methods.

The choice of keywords has a huge impact on the cost of an SEO campaign, so businesses always need to conduct the most careful and prudent keyword research and analysis process. Just one mistake in choosing keywords not only costs us money but also time, affecting the performance and business of the business.

5. Competition

In addition to its own subjective factors, the SEO cost of a website is also affected by other objective factors, which most directly affect none other than competitors in the same field of the company. we.

6. Websites of competitors

We need to find our most direct competitors by typing the keywords that we intend to SEO on Google, the websites in the first positions are the competitors that we need to care about. If the competition is too strong, the cost of SEO will be higher.

Take a look at their website to see what we need to beat them, including optimization criteria on the website that we don't have yet, and specific SEO parameters that we can calculate, typically as:

7. Number of backlinks pointing to the website (dofollow and nofollow).

And there are many other numbers we need to know, so that we can correct our shortcomings, as well as make a reasonable SEO plan to easily overcome them to gain a position on the search results table. search as desired.

Thus, if we need to invest too much to beat the competition, the cost will be very high. Including website optimization costs as well as investment costs for SEO content and SEO process.

8. Bid on Google Adwords

Similar to when considering keyword difficulty, when we use Google's Keyword Planner, we will also know the bid on Google Adwords of each keyword. Is there any relationship between Google Adwords bid and SEO costs?

Obviously yes, because the higher the bid keywords, the higher the SEO costs will be. The main reason is that high-priced keywords do not need to be measured to know that there are many competitors with that keyword SEO, so that the new bid is pushed up.

Therefore, just looking at the bid of Google Adwords, anyone can know if the SEO cost for that keyword is high or not. Still, there are some exceptions, but isn't that much?

9. The current order of keywords, the website needs SEO

The current order of keywords and websites on the search results table also affects SEO costs, if your website is located too low, like outside the TOP 100, for example, the SEO cost will then high.

However, people rarely use this factor to evaluate SEO for a website, because there will be exceptions where the website is too far from the TOP 10 but can still SEO quickly to the TOP. But businesses themselves can look at the position of their website on the results table to objectively assess whether their SEO costs are high or low.

10. SEO Unit – SEO Company

The last and also very important factor for the cost of an SEO project of a business is how to choose a Company - SEO unit. Very few businesses have the ability to SEO their own website, or it can be said that the number is counted on the fingers, except for these SEO service businesses.

Therefore, we are forced to look for reliable and capable units to SEO our website. Choose a professional unit; reputation, you will be able to reduce a lot of SEO costs. Why?
In addition, to SEO to TOP quickly and save costs, the company providing SEO services needs to own a system of SEO resources (also known as media channels, satellite websites). Otherwise, the cost to hire these channels will be poured into your SEO costs making the price much higher. Meanwhile, when an SEO unit owns this system, they can easily push your keywords to the TOP at a much cheaper price.

These factors are enough to require you to choose for yourself the most professional and reputable SEO service provider to accompany and develop. Remember, when you partner with an SEO Company that means they will grow together, it must be a long-term partnership, not a "cake-paying" relationship. Therefore, you need to be careful in finding an SEO partner for yourself.
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What type of SEO should businesses choose?

To determine the right type of SEO service for your business, you must first look at the cost and time the business spends on SEO. Here we would like to mention the main 02 SEO services are overall seo and keyword seo for the website.

Why you choose our SEO service

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